OMG, People Talked to People!

This New York Times story made me laugh. They blame the “Koch Brothers” for killing a transit plan in Nashville. Naturally, the reporter is a “climate change” reporter.

But read the story. The whole angle is a popular mayor was selling something and everyone thought it would pass. Then it didn’t.

Must be the Koch Brothers.

You have to actually dive in to read about the popular mayor’s scandal. And when you really get into it, what you find is that it was actually a grassroots effort of people talking to people. It’s the way politics works.

What the story also leaves out is that outside interest groups were working to help Nashville too. This was not a one sided Koch operation against a void. It’s just the grassroots teams connected with actual voters in the way winning political campaigns do. They were helped far more by the missteps of the pro-transit group, the mayor’s scandal, and exposure of a lot of nonsense involved in developing the numbers that suggested the project would be more costly than advertised.

But blame the Koch Brothers! It’s far easier to have an evil menacing billionaire than admit light rail sucks and people know it.

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