On a Slow News Day, the Media Remembers Ted Cruz Generates Clicks

This is such a stupid story. Someone on Ted Cruz’s staff was logged into Cruz’s twitter account and liked a pornographic tweet. No one disputes it was a staffer. Multiple staffers help Cruz manage his social media presence.

But you’d be forgiven for not knowing a massive hurricane just blew through the Southeast United States with close to a million people without power currently. Because the media is giving this “scandal” wall to wall coverage in an attempt to embarrass Cruz. Naturally, Cruz is treating the whole thing with the humor it deserves and that is all it deserves.

But the media has moved from a model that reports news people can use to a model that necessitates user clicks for advertising. So a Cruz staffer liking a pornographic tweet from Cruz’s account is far more likely to get clicks today than coverage of the disaster in Florida because those people don’t have power to use computers to click. But San Francisco liberals and Beltway Republicans who hate Cruz do.

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