On Journalistic Orthodoxy

This really is not a political piece, but it accurately describes the political press. Of course, the political press is very much a creature of East coast media.

The debate over who is a reporter and who is not, or what is a story and what isn’t a story is just a waste of time. Washington Press Corps covers the president like a hawk, and yet they don’t have much to say or report other than regurgitating the PR babble. And yet, Jerry Seinfeld goes to the White House, hangs with the president and finds out that President Obama can’t get enough guacamole, or that he wears one brand of underwear, or that he openly admits that many of the world leaders are just loony. Yeah, I would watch that episode again and again, because as Bob Lefsetz says, “And there you have it, the modern era in a nutshell.” El Chapo, Trump, Seinfeld — the whole thing is entertainment.

Go read this. It is worth it.

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