On Meet The Press Erick Tells Trump Supporters They Will Elect Clinton

Watch Erick on Meet The Press Sunday morning.

MITCHELL: “And one of the things about Rubio which you just alluded to is he already had a deficit of stature of being presidential and commander-in-chief. So to get into the playground or the sandbox with Donald Trump, yes he needed to go after him but go after him on substance. Not go after him on—“
TODD: “Well, but the substance hasn’t worked. I mean that’s been the problem.”
ERICKSON: “I think you’ve gotta go after his personality—“
MITCHELL: “But don’t you think It lowers Rubio’s—“
TODD: “Well I agree but substance hadn’t worked. But let me ask you this, you alluded to it during the break. The ultimate like suicide mission to stop Donald Trump is to run a third party Republican. you’ve mentioned, you half-joked Rick Perry for president. Do you think there will be a third party a Constitution party say that is a legitimate Republican, a conservative?”
ERICKSON: “There absolutely will be, there are too many conservatives who would sit it out if it was Donald Trump and—“
MITCHELL: “Doesn’t that elect Hillary Clinton?”
ERICKSON: “It could but I think that ultimately that Donald Trump supporters need to understand that Hillary Clinton will be elected if they choose to go down this path and Republicans have an obligation to to make it clear in the primary that it will be Hillary Clinton if they don’t change.”

Tell your Trumpcoma-victim friends that their KKK-supported candidate will bring the house down.

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