On Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin

Allow me to put [this](http://news.bostonherald.com/news/politics/general/view/2008_11_08_Mitt_Romney:_Sarah_Smear‘_Not_Me:_Aides_blast_accusations/srvc=home&position=0) to bed.

Do I think Mitt Romney is behind the smears against Sarah Palin? Absolutely not.

Do I think Eric Fehrnstrom is behind the smears against Sarah Palin? Absolutely not.

I feel comfortable saying that there is no organized effort on Mitt Romney’s behalf or tacit support. I think that’s crazy talk.

Here’s what I think: I think there are some staffers on the McCain campaign who seriously screwed up the roll out of Sarah Palin, to which Governor Palin herself objected. These staffers are now out trying to finish her off thinking, as typical D.C. types do, that if they don’t do it to her, she’ll do it to them. They just never understood who Palin is or what she is about.

Likewise, I *do* think there are some staffers and others who expect Mitt Romney to run again in 2012, they decided McCain could not win, and decided to undermine Sarah Palin and her chances hoping it would ingratiate themselves with Mitt Romney. This also explains people like Kathleen Parker, who lusts the magnificent hair.

Sadly, these people are now hurting Palin, McCain, and also Romney by their desire to save their own reputations that don’t deserve to be saved.

With both groups of people, it is my personal desire to hunt them down, ruin their reputations with the fact that they are leaking, and make sure they never, ever, ever work in Republican politics again.

Let me be clear here: **it is not just about Palin.** It is about mercenary politicos who work for the paycheck, not the cause. They are the reason the GOP is where it is now. They had no principle and no loyal except to the paycheck. And they must be annihilated.

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