On Roy Moore

It is really remarkable that a Republican Party that hates his guts and worked to get him pitted against Luther Strange in a run off so as to beat him was too staggeringly incompetent to find this information about Roy Moore’s accusers.

Moore is being accused of inappropriately touching several girls around 40 years ago. He has not been convicted, but the story is deeply troubling because these are multiple victims who do not know each other, all have similar looks, and they all have similar stories. That tends to bolster the credibility of the story.

There is no doubt that this is a media hit job, but that does not mean the story is not true. The GOP was clearly incompetent in getting this story out in the primaries. This morning, before the story even broke, a top Moore supporter told me he was worried because the race was too quiet. He is convinced anti-Trump Republicans are working with Democrats to sabotage Moore and hurt Trump. He blames McConnell.

I suspect that will be Moore’s tactic — attack McConnell and claim they’re working with the Democrats. Moore probably can and will use his wife to get ahead of this story as well.

Here’s the thing though — if true, Moore should step aside and it doesn’t matter who pushed the story out. This is about Moore’s conduct, not the creation of a hit job. But Moore denies it and there will be no prosecution or anything else. It’ll be a persecution complex campaign till it is over from here on out. And given Trump, will any of it matter.

I have to say, because this story does appear credible, I really am amazed that Mitch McConnell’s opposition research team was unable to stop Moore with this. That speaks volumes about just how incompetent the Washington political establishment on the Republican side has become.

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