On Tax Day: Robert Greenwald attacks the free market, advocates tax increases, and attracts a loyal white supremacist following

Has something gone wrong with the world? I ask that seriously. Have we forgotten the past thirty years?

We have Barack Obama out quoting Karl Marx to rich trust-funders in San Francisco. We have Hillary pushing her nationalization schemes. And now we have this Robert Greenwald guy and his documentary company “Brave New Films” pushing a war on capitalism in a rather unfunny video advocating tax increases on tax day.

You can see it here if you really want to.

This Greenwald guy wants to be the next Michael Moore, without any humor. And his prescription is the same old nonsense Moore peddles — raise taxes on businesses. To hell with us heading into a recession.

In this cartoon, Greenwald goes after private equity — you know, where a business goes to a private bank to get money instead of the government. So, instead of closing the business and firing everyone, the business is able to keep people employed and turn the company around. To Greenwald, this is a bad thing. Oh, and the company gets to pay capital gains taxes at a reduced rate so the company has an incentive to actually make money. This too is bad according to Greenwald.

Why? Because some dude is laid off. While that’s not a good thing, it sure would be a lot worse if the whole company closed down and everyone got laid out. But Greenwald dodges that point. He is too wrapped up in equating employers with bad that he ignores the fact that employers, through private equity, build businesses that create jobs that employ the same people he wants to have hate employers.

One last point on this — Greenwald’s evil character is named Henry Kravis. Mr. Kravis is greedy, sneaky, cigar smoking, and presumably with that last name, Jewish. Is it any wonder then that white supremacists have latched on to other of Greenwald’s videos? To my knowledge Mr. Greenwald has not denounced these hate groups using Greenwald’s own character to push the same message as Greenwald, but directly blaming the Jews. I’d like to think Mr. Greenwald picking this character was unintentional, but the hate sites out there seem to think it all too fitting. Hopefully Mr. Greenwald will be more careful in the future.

Now, you all have probably read this wondering what the heck I’m going on about. You’ve probably never even heard of this guy. Well, with the help of the mainstream media, Mr. Greenwald is trying to establish himself as a more credible, honest version of Michael Moore. His film company is on the left, but tries to play it straight. It is extremely important that we pay attention and don’t let this guy get a pass.

He is a left wing polemicist and his video clearly demonstrates he knows nothing about how the free market works, but he is nonetheless out to undermine it. That just plays into the hands of an all too willing media out to help us forget the teaching points on tax cuts and free markets over the last thirty years.

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