On the Couch Again

It’s 11pm and, as has been the routine lately, I’m bound for the couch again.

I’ve been getting over this virus and have been having spastic coughing fits. I feel like I could cough up my lungs. Generally, if I get too hot, I start coughing violently.

For the past few nights, and last week when I was home, I had to move to the couch because I kept waking up coughing and, in the process, waking up Christy.

Hopefully it is almost past. I’m back on my allergy shots, which I couldn’t take being so sick. I’m on Zyrtec. And now I’m on Soudal to stop the coughing. It better work. I miss my wife and my bed.

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  • The best thing to cure this coughing is the Zpack, which is about five days of antibiotics. If you are like me the coughing will turn into acute bronchitis. If you are not careful, it will turn into walking pneumonia. I have the same thing, and plan to get to the doctor to get the antibiotics. Hope you get better.