On the Mueller Investigation, Wait and See

I have no idea what Robert Mueller is going to reveal with his report and very few other people know either. I have long thought we would not find that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election. I do not believe the President is some sort of agent for Moscow as the most fevered dreams on the left would have us believe.

What I have long thought is that the President never expected to become President and used his campaign to enrich himself personally, expand his property portfolio, and otherwise reward friends and influence people. That seems to be where we are headed with a side branch of the investigation revealing some conservative grifters were willing to work with Russians to hurt the Clintons.

The Michael Cohen situation seems to suggest that the President was trading on his campaign and nomination to advance his business interests. I suspect we will find that the Trump Organization has some serious financial issues and I have long wondered if it might have been used as a conduit for Russian oligarchs to launder their money. I have no idea and we will see.

Right now, however, we know very little. The advanced speculation is mostly spin to set the narrative upon reveal. The Presidents’ spinners have worked first to claim there was no there there, now they are working to say it was no big deal.

The left too has gone from “he’s a Russian agent” to doubling down on Russia stealing the election.

About the only thing certain right now is that Bob Mueller is potentially doing the conservative movement a great favor by exposing and, in some cases, jailing the grifters and charlatans who have invaded the conservative movement.

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