One Innocent Question Exploded Twitter In A Liberal Manhood Identity Crisis

This most non-political tweet started a firestorm on Twitter, because somehow fragile snowflakes are offended that political eclectic John Ekdahl would question their manhood (or something like that).


Now go read the replies, and the whole thread, and Ekdahl’s Twitter timeline. They went absolutely nuts.

Ekdahl’s mentions went through the roof. Here’s one he retweeted from the automotive editor for Ars Technica.

It’s even gotten a life of its own.

The liberal nerve that he unknowingly touched is called the “how dare you ask?” nerve, which apparently directly connects liberal men’s testicles to their transportation methods.

But oh boy, they care.

Ekdahl is pretty bewildered how such a simple question could generate so much venom. Honestly, I am too. The insecurity of the Left and the fragile masks they wear are apparently really, really easy to shatter.

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