One More from Eldorado

This is from Eldorado, IL. The pond is Christy’s uncle’s catfish pond. The picture looks out past the pond to the barns and silos of corn country. I’ve never seen so much corn in my life. Soy beans are a popular crop too, but it is mostly corn for miles and miles — sweet, good corn.

The land is flat. At night coyotes call out as deer run across the road. It’s a different land from what I’ve experienced before. The last names of people are different, the Mississippi is not as deep or wide, and the dirt is a different color. All in all, it’s a beautiful land with great people. But it is one heck of a drive from Georgia.

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  • The people in Illinois, like all states that were once the Northwest Territory are mainly Pennsylvania Dutch, which is German/Dutch. The early settlers arrived in places such as Lancaster, PA where the Amish still live and the adventourous young headed west to settle in the Northwest. I hope you do not mind me telling the history I have learned because I am from Indiana. I will post a link for people that may want to look up surnames to see if you can trace your roots because some came to Georgia, too. The photo makes me homesick. Happy 4th!