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Isn’t it noticable how everyone here is so worked up over a few soldiers abusing a few bad guys when no one really got worked up over Saddam’s torture rooms, or Kim Jong Nutso’s torture rooms, or Daniel Perl’s murder, or Israelis being killed by homicide bombers, or . . . or . . . or . . .? You get the idea.

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  • Can’t argue with that logic. Since we didn’t hold congressional hearings about the torture rooms in North Korea, or Pre-Invasion Iraq, we cannot speak out about the abuses at Abu Ghraib.
    I swear, Glenn Reynolds has really jumped the shark. He’ll link to anyone that keeps the fantasy of this war and it’s ever-moving objectives intact. I am sure both you and Glenn wish that we wouldn’t interrupt your little fantasy game of global domination with inconvenient facts but they are getting harder and harder to ignore. Even for true believers like yourself. The horror of Abu Ghraib isn’t the abuse of those prisoners. It’s the rudderless and corrupt leadership, both in the pentagon and in the administration that allows such things to happen in the first place. And then offers up the lowly foot soldiers as sacrificial lambs. Does anyone really believe that at the very least, the conduct depicted in those photos wasn’t condoned by someone higher up that a Staff Sergeant? You have photos of two soldiers having sex with each other for godsake!
    In the middle of a war! That’s what is so worrisome. It was taken for granted that our military was well disciplined and well trained and would uphold the highest standards of military conduct. We cannot assume that to be the case anymore. Not when the leaders that allowed this conduct to take place on their watch go utterly unpunished while the grunts pay the price. That signal will not be lost on our men and women in uniform.

    It must be so much fun to be a wingnut. You get to celebrate victory long before anything is accomplished, you get to wrap your partisanship in patriotism, you get to make all manner of grand visions and plans and when they don’t work out, you get to blame it all on “liberals” or “Hillary” or the “media”. You’re never responsible for anything bad that happens and yet you ARE responsible for all the good in the world.
    Hell, if it wasn’t for the fact that your bullshit is slowly destroying a once great nation from the inside out, I might even join you. But then again, probably not. I can’t seem to break this annoying habit of thinking for myself.

    Nick Foresta