One of the Most Influential Women in America Just Spoke Up Loudly on Trump

I will keep nothing from you. This election was foreordained the moment Donald Trump won the nomination. The Clinton team worked with members of the media to build up Trump in the Republican primary. He got uncritical coverage. Heck, CNN covered his plane landings as if they were Air Force One. Then everything everyone warned you would come out did come out.

You are being lied to, but it is not by me. The Trump propaganda arm has ruthlessly blotted out news that hurts Trump. From talk radio shows to websites that are pro-Trump, the Trumpian horde has been put in a bubble. They do not realize that in the real world Trump is crashing down in a defeat of his own making. They are being lied to and others are being blamed for Trump’s fall.

But his fall is happening as everyone predicted. And if you were not sure he was defeated, consider this. One of the most influential women in America, a woman who never engages in politics, just spoke out against him.

You may not know who Beth Moore is, but millions upon millions of evangelical women in America do. They go to bible studies based on her books. They watch her YouTube clips. They follow her on Twitter. They attend conferences where they know she is speaking. She is highly, highly influential with a key segment of the population that might have once leaned in for Trump — evangelical women. But Beth Moore has had enough.

Those of you who do not know the demographic can be dismissive of it all you want, but Beth Moore’s rejection of Trump gives license to millions of women to reject him too. She has reminded people that Biblical authority and standards must trump politics. She has reminded people that endorsing those who revel in sin ends badly.

Trump was always going to lose. But the margin of defeat is growing.

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