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Only $2,438.89 To Go

I am always amazed at the generosity of my readers and I cannot thank you enough. Yesterday morning I told you guys we had very real projects we want to start on, but we needed a specific amount of money that we otherwise do not have. I make no revenue off this site and have expended a good bit of personal money to start on the projects, but with so much else going on I can only spare so much.

You guys have come through and I appreciate it. We only have $2,438.89 left in what we have to raise. I hate to do the PBS/NPR reader fundraiser, but given our business model, it is either that or annoying pop-up ads and autoplay video ads. I know you guys would rather go this route as would I. I’d frankly rather leave money on the table than go toward filling this site up with ads. You’ll note there are only two ad blocks on any page of this site.

Thanks again for your help. If you can help us close this out, please consider helping.

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