Only GOP Delegates Can Avoid the Trump-Terror-Train-Wreck

Donald Trump is counting on another terror attack on U.S. soil. Without it, there’s absolutely no possible way he can beat Hillary Clinton. And President Obama is obliging Trump’s request against his own party’s interest by tolerating acceptable losses and turning the focus to gun control.

Trump’s numbers paint a brutally stark picture of disaster. In one chart, the Washington Post spoke ten thousand words of Trump’s toxicity.


Worse, the orange-maned Manhattanite doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about having a national organization, or a ground game, or a campaign staff to handle a billion-dollar run for the White House. Trump has farmed that out to the GOP, and even then, he’s phoning in his part, dealing with large donors and fundraising. He has no intention of doing anything that any previous nominee did. Instead, Trump is counting on the terror bump to win him the White House.

Imagery and news have an incredibly powerful effect on our notions of good leadership and opinions on people. Vanity Fair (of all media) pointed out how President George W. Bush’s approval rating went from 51 to 90 percent in the two weeks from September 10, 2001 to after the attacks. The president standing on rubble with a megaphone, dealing with a national crisis, and declaring we as a nation will win was strong medicine.

Trump, it’s clear, seems to understand this reality. In fact, he appears to view it as a political opportunity. He has found a way to conflate an actual attack with the mere threat of one. After declaring that he “would bomb the SHIT out of” of ISIS, or articulating that “when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families,” Trump recently went on National Border Patrol Council’s Green Line radio show and claimed that refugees entering the United States will launch a massive terrorist attack against America. “Bad things will happen—a lot of bad things will happen,” Trump said. “There will be attacks that you wouldn’t believe.”

This article was written on May 18.

Trump misfired on his response to the Orlando terror attack, and came off smug with the humblebrag declining “congrats.” In the wake of his Judge Curiel remarks, he played right into Team Clinton’s trap of confirmation bias that Trump is a racist.

But Trump’s terror-based confirmation bias is much stronger than Clinton’s. It’s because Trump, in fact, really isn’t a racist. He just puts up with them–and probably understands them–much more than SJW-inculcated Democrats (many of whom are actually racists). Clinton, however, is a certifiable featherweight on national security.

Knowing that the GOP candidate is waiting for an opportunity to appear “presidential” in the wake of a national crisis, in which people die, and is actually counting on that to happen as a campaign strategy, is rebarbative. It’s like eating at a barbecue and coming across a pit where they’ve discarded the pig’s decomposing carcass, filled with maggots. One’s appetite is killed.

The shaft of light in this morbid tunnel is the fact that the train wreck is avoidable. That other people in the GOP, who have also arrived at the sickening truth are openly talking about dumping Trump at the convention.

About 1,000 Republicans nationwide participated in a conference call Sunday night discussing the effort to prevent Donald Trump from getting the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s convention next month, according to organizers.

The figure would represent a sharp rise from the roughly three dozen people who were said to have taken part in a similar call last week, according to CNN. News outlets were unable to independently confirm the number of people on the call.

The Trump-terror-train-wreck can be avoided, and there’s still time to field a candidate who can beat the weakest Democratic candidate since Walter Mondale. The very existence of the Republican Party is at stake, along with the role of conservative values in America for the next 20 years. Only the delegates can stop the Trump Train.

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