Only In California: Governor Calls Taxpayers ‘Freeloaders’

The California state legislature, with its new Democrat supermajority, enacted a massive tax hike, and citizens aren’t happy about it. So how does Governor Jerry Brown respond? By referring to those who complain as “freeloaders,” naturally.

That’s right, the governor made a speech in Orange County after the tax hike passed in which he made known how tired he is of people not being grateful for higher taxes, and he managed to get in a dig at the president while he was at it.

“The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said, adding that the approved tax and fee hikes bring those charges to the level they were 30 years ago if adjusted for inflation. “They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit.”

The tax measure has left voters so unhappy that a recall effort against State Senator Josh Newman, whose election gave the Democrats their legislative supermajority, is underway. But don’t worry: Brown has promised to ensure that Newman has the resources he needs to withstand the effort.

Just how high did the legislature raise taxes? Well, the whole measure rings up to $52 billion, and it includes jacking up the already high gas tax by another 12 cents while hiking vehicle registrations by an average of $50 a year – and as high as $180 for some!

Oddly enough, Brown thinks that Republicans are the ones that are unrealistic for requesting budget cuts to cover road maintenance, rather than tax hikes.

“Roads require money to fix,” Brown said during a Friday visit to Orange County. “Republicans say there’s a magic source of money — it doesn’t exist. … You want to borrow money and pay double? Or do nothing? Or take money from universities?”


“Go for it,” he said. “Make my day. Maybe people like gravel roads, but I don’t think so.”

Jerry Brown clearly forgets that he is accountable to the citizens who elected him and that even the most left-leaning of the people of California can turn against him if they’ve had enough of the state’s confiscatory system. Or, better yet, as Kira Davis put it:

Governor Brown, you are a narcissistic, selfish, rude, disgusting pig and you don’t deserve the massive privilege you’ve been afforded by people who work hard and struggle just to pay the rent and their enormous tax bills.

Maybe Brown’s “freeloaders” are simply looking for a little financial freedom. Here’s hoping they can make their voices heard.

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