Only Liberals Are Allowed To Refer To Slaves As Immigrants

Some liberals have lost their minds over Ben Carson’s poorly-considered words as he addressed HUD employees.

The newly-sworn-in HUD secretary thought he was being clever and inspirational. He only missed the mark by a few astronomical units, but who’s keeping score?

“That’s what America is about. A land of dreams and opportunity,” Carson said. “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less.”

He added: “But they, too, had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

It was a really bad juxtaposition, placing slaves alongside free people who came here voluntarily. But Carson wasn’t the first to make the comparison. Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering (formerly of the Washington Examiner), dug up this quite recent remark from former President Barack Obama.

White-African-American race troll Shaun King slammed Carson (who is a Black-African-American).


King’s got a short memory. On Christmas Day, 2015, he published this in the NYDN:

Maybe it’s because we have a Statue of Liberty, or possibly it’s because over 98% of Americans are immigrants or descendants of immigrants (forced or otherwise), but whatever the case is, the United States has a sterling reputation for being an immigrant-friendly country that far outpaces both our history and our present reality.

Blinded by success stories, and the cold hard truth that being a white immigrant in America is, and always has been, an altogether different experience than being an immigrant of color, any color, myth ultimately dominates the popular American immigration narrative.

If Obama and King can refer to slaves as immigrants, then why is Ben Carson an “Uncle Tom” for saying the same thing?

We know why, of course. It’s because only liberals can make the claim that blacks who entered the country as slaves were a kind of immigrant. Conservatives like Carson making that claim are presumed to be out of touch with the claims and hardships and victimization of the progeny of slaves.

The prejudice against conservatives has nothing to do with history or facts. It has to do with ends and outcomes. Race baiters and victim hucksters want there to be a permanent underclass, deserving of government protection and special privileges. Carson and conservatives simply want there to be no discrimination and equal opportunity.

Carson should not have made the “immigrant” remark. Not because it was so offensive, but because he should have known that only liberals are permitted to say these things and get away with it. If Ben Carson is an insensitive “Uncle Tom” for calling slaves immigrants, then so is Barack Obama. As for Shaun King, I don’t really know what he is (other than a jackass).


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