Oppose the Veterans First Act

I’d like to welcome a new sponsor to The Resurgent, Concerned Veterans for America. Two years after it was revealed that VA employees across the country were manipulating patient wait lists and engaging in other forms of misconduct, it is still nearly impossible to fire bad VA employees – including those guilty of criminal conduct. As an example, right now there is a VA employee in Puerto Rico who pled guilty to participating in an armed robbery and who was given their job back at the VA after initially being fired.

However, instead of attacking this problem head on, the Republican-led Senate VA committee has developed a piece of legislation – the poorly-named Veterans First Act – with public sector labor unions who have consistently protected the status quo and attacked those who have sought to reform the still-troubled department. This bill, while claiming to introduce more accountability to the VA system, would actually keep in place several loop holes that could allow bad VA employees to escape punishment in addition to removing limits on bonuses for VA employees.

Your Senators need to hear from you that is it unacceptable that they would stand with unions over our veterans. Please click here to join Concerned for Veterans in fighting back against this terrible piece of legislation and to contact your Senators to let them know you oppose it.

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