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Oregon Becomes First State To Issue Gender-Neutral ID Cards

Following a 2016 court-order, the Beaver State is now issuing licenses that include “X” in the gender category for anyone who chooses. The move comes after a local judge allowed Portland resident, Jamie Shupe, to be the first person in the country to obtain a gender-less driver’s license.

Washington D.C. was the first jurisdiction to allow such a policy last month, but Oregon became the first official state to do so on Monday.

Oregon’s Driver and Motor Vehicle Services are now issuing ID cards that can include an “X” for gender instead of the standard “M” or “F” letters. Following the court ruling in 2016, DMV officials said they updated their computer systems, considered state laws, worked with police and changed administrative rules in order to comply with the court ruling.

Ironically, it’s easier to obtain the gender-less ID than it is to change your gender from male to female or vice versa. While changing genders on your Oregon driver’s license requires a court order, doctor’s certification or birth certificate or passport with the altered gender, any applicant can opt out of the gender category altogether by choosing “X” with no additional paperwork.

Shupe – who does not identify as male or female and prefers the “they” pronoun – was ruled non-binary in 2016.

Shupe described watching online as the Oregon Department of Transportation voted to allow a third option for gender identification:

“It was highly emotional. Me and Sandy watched it on YouTube, the whole time the two of us tightly clinging to each other, and crying. I keep drying them, but the tears keep coming,” Shupe said

New York and California are considering similar legislation.






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