OSX and the iPod

Well, my iPod is cool. It downloaded 244 songs in about 45 seconds over the FireWire connection. That’s bad ass.

OSX Panther is great. It took a while to install. I thought I had done everything. But then, at about 1am!!!, it started to download a 38MB update. It downloaded and then didn’t do anything.

Programs wouldn’t load, it wouldn’t reboot, it wouldn’t shutdown, the Finder wouldn’t relaunch.

At 3am!!! I gave up and went to bed. Christy was no doubt aggravated. I slept in the guest bedroom. She was adamant that if I wasn’t going to bed when she went to bed, one of us was sleeping somewhere else so she wouldn’t get woken up when I went to bed.

This is pretty much why I intended to come home yesterday and go get her from her parents today. I knew it would take forever and she would try to stay up. When I still didn’t go to bed, she’d get aggravated and launch into a cleaning spree, and then burn herself out and go to bed. That’s pretty much what happened.

Every once in a while, a guy just needs to play with his toys. It builds up over time and requires either a trip to Best Buy or downloading a new “shoot-em-up” game or upgrade the computer. Wives don’t really seem to understand. We may really, really love them, but every once in a while, we need a distraction from reality — especially after being cooped up for several days of vacation going stircrazy.

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