Our Impotent President

We know the President never shed a tear over the innocent lives butchered in the Planned Parenthood videos, but he certainly played it up for the cameras yesterday. He fell all over himself to cry and be angry and blame Republicans and lie. And then? According to the Associated Press, the President’s actions yesterday “wouldn’t have kept guns from mass shooters.”

Our President is impotent. He is unable to do anything except engage in dog and pony shows for his left-wing base. They cry, “Do something!” so the President holds a press conference, sheds a few tears, announces bold new action, and in addition to it being easily undone the reality is it also does not do much of anything. It only scratches the itch of “JUST DO SOMETHING.”

That may be the motto of the end of the Obama Administration. He wants to be seen as effective so he will pop the Washington equivalent of viagra — well structured and coordinated media blitzes and world tours that ignore he really can’t get up to anything more than a pregnant pause these days.

Unfortunately for the American people, our enemies know it as well. Our enemies know that the President is impotent, unable to perform the basic task of keeping America safe, and really unwilling to even consider it. In this last year of being unappreciated by so many, Barack Obama is going to phone it on from the golf course and European excursions.

His legacy will be erased by executive order in January of 2017 and Obama can then tour the world bad mouthing the country like Jimmy Carter, but with even more outrage and pretended victimhood. His outrage will be about how much he could not get done because of Republicans in Congress ignoring that he had two whole years of Democratic control and could not multitask. He chose to divide the nation, punt on issues to use them as political weapons, and calculate that through force of personality he could get back a Democrat majority to finally do those things he put off.

It did not happen.

Now a bipartisan majority in Congress opposes him on guns. So he will blame Congress for “gridlock,” not majority rule, cry on stage, sign some papers, and know deep down he’s an impotent almost former President who really blames the country for not loving him in return.

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