Our Pivot to Video

“Pivoting to video” was a funny plot line from an HBO show about Silicon Valley, but it was taken pretty literally by folks at MTV and elsewhere. They abandoned a number of digital efforts and announced they were “pivoting to video”. The Resurgent is doing its own pivot, but not really to video, but to you. You get to write here now too.

We have explored platforms and programming to do this ourselves on WordPress, but it was cost prohibitive and, frankly, we have become mostly dependent on reader donations just to keep the lights on. We can’t afford it. But as we were looking at it, along came a group called The Maven and they offered us much of what we were looking for.

Since starting The Resurgent, the plan had always been to let readers start contributing their own material. The Maven will allow you to and will bring back a comments section. The best writers in the community will become our next round of front page editors.

So where’s what I’m asking. Go on over here, click the login button, and then click “create an account.” Once your account is ready you’ll notice that you have posting privileges in the Community section and those posts will start appearing on the front page in the next few weeks.

Before your first post, understand that you can write about anything, but we’re a politics and policy site for conservatives. Did I mention this is a conservative site? Front page writers must be pro-life, but you need not necessarily be in the community. If you want on the front page, I suggest you focus on the politics of your state and local community.

By partnering up with The Maven, we are on a site that was designed for mobile devices first. 70% of our traffic is on phones, so that helps. As I mentioned, we will, begrudgingly, bring back comments. Fair warning: I hate comments and I intend to aggressively moderate and block people. Feel free to disagree. But don’t be a jackass. It is that simple. And the crazy conspiracy theorists out there are not welcome. The rest of you are.

Over time, it is my hope that we will have a community of grassroots activists, some of whom are awesome enough to become front page writers on a regular basis. And as the site community grows, we look forward to meeting many of you at the Resurgent’s conference in June of 2018. We’ll take the online offline and meet face to face. Until then, go on and get your account created and the site will start automatically rolling over our new home later today.

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