Out of Gas

I’m out of gas, literally. I attempted to grill a pork tenderloin tonight. Within ten minutes of putting it on the grill, I was out of gas. I’m generally phobic about the gas gauge, but obviously have not checked it the last few grillings. Oh well.

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  • You forgot the funniest part, which is the part where your wife said, “I think we probably need to fill up the propane tank the next time we are out. It looks like it’s getting low.” That is why it was so funny when you came back inside to announce that the tank had ran dry during the process of grilling supper.

  • Erick…..gas?!? That’s almost sacreligious. What about charcoal? My parents, for most of my life, used a gas grill, however, when I got my own place, the first thing I did was purchase (or either receive as a gift) a charcoal grill. Best thing ever. However, over the past year, since I moved to B’ham and have been living in my horrible apartment, I’ve yet to even fire up the grill (as I left it back in ATL). But, we (my wife and I) are moving into a house in about three weeks and needless to say the grill we be put back to use! I can’t wait.