Over 1K Comments Submitted Against Anti-Gun Oregon Initiative Petition 43

Over 1,000 comments against IP43 were submitted to the Oregon Secretary of State. Good news for gun rights!

Oregon Initiative Petition 43, which would ban most semi-automatic firearms were it to make the upcoming voter ballot, is facing mass opposition by Oregon gun owners and voters.

Approximately 1,060 comments were sent to the office of Oregon’s Secretary of State during the recent two-week open comment period that ended on May 8th, 2018. This immense backlash is said to be the biggest responses to a proposed ballot initiative ever in the state’s history.

“No one can remember anywhere near the number of comments being received for any other (initiative petition),” said Deb Royal, chief of staff in the Secretary of State’s office.

Commenters wrote that the ballot title is unclear, misleading, incomplete, politicized and shouldn’t use the term “assault weapon” for various reasons.

Others wrote about the initiative more broadly, saying the concept is unconstitutional, unnecessary, unenforceable, an attack on civil liberties and would turn law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight.

This is encouraging news for Second Amendment advocates in Oregon and as a whole. Hopefully, this ballot initiative proposal doesn’t make the November ballot.

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