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  • Ummmm no. But if you know any cool cute ones in the NYC area let me know.

    That goes for any catholic girls too. 🙂

  • Wow.

    I haven’t had much time lately to read through and comment here, but that is entertaining stuff! I guess we’ve been foiled, Erik…

    Linda has seen through our plot to start WWIII and the great Tribulation. I knew we should’ve been more careful around her. She clearly has a far better grasp of eschatology than we anticipated. We’d better go to plan B…quick, tell the four horsemen to get saddled and notify Nicolae Carpathia (don’t tell anyone he’s the anti-christ yet, though).

    Oh wait…that’s right, I don’t hold to dispensational premillenialism, and I realize that Tim LaHaye is a pastor, not a prophet. And, yes, I have read Revelation, and Daniel, and many other parts of Scripture that deal with Christ’s return. The message I get is that we shouldn’t worry about what we have NO control over.

    I happen to believe we are fighting against Islamic fascists who want to destroy us and our families. I haven’t forgotten what happened on 9/11. I listen to every major Islamic leader who threatens us with destruction, and I believe them. Say what you want about how the war was handled until now, surrender is not an option. Period.

  • Dennis,

    We have brought the destruction upon ourselves because we are empire builders. You say we have NO control over Revelation happening, but yet we try to control the entire world. If we had followed the Constitution, we would not have been involved in the wars over the last 100 years that we have fought. The majority of the people that have died in Iraq have been innocent children, innocent women and innocent men. And by the way Dennis, have you volunteered to serve in this war yet or I hope if you have a son that you will encourage him to join in the battle? It sounds like you take the Bible as a big joke, but many of us do not.

  • It is like the bully in the school yard that kicks sand in the other kids’ faces, steals food off other kids’ lunch trays, punches other kids’ arms and just basically is a little tyrant. But then when the bully gets shoved into the wall by a another kid at school that is just sick and tired of being bullied around, then the bully cries to the principal and his parents, waa waa look how this kid is treating me wrong. Do you see the picture at all? Do you think that just maybe the United States being involved in world domination may have something to do with creating the terrorists in the first place? There are always two sides two every story. And yes, I remember 911 well, too. But now I understand why we were attacked.

  • And Dennis, how do you know that Tim LaHaye is not a prophet? Do you think that God is finished guiding men and women to do his work as of 2000 years ago? There are angels among us and all around us, and there are most certainly prophets, too. I just met what I consider to be a prophet that walked into my office a few weeks ago. It was a very eye opening religious experience, and I have had many since the age of nine. When you close your eyes and ears to the Lord and make jokes about the Holy Bible, then you will never talk to the Lord.