Paging GOP Legislators

I understand Eric Tanenblatt is really twisting the arms of those of you who have not yet become Romneybots.

I also understand there may be a little pressure to get you on McCain’s team from Alec, though not as much pressure as Eric is invoking.

Have faith my friends. Listen to your favorite blogger.

Even for those of you previously committed, be patient.

Hold off. Don’t commit. In fact, I have a suggestion. The Speaker of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives has already endorsed Fred Thompson. Half the Texas Legislature has done the same. The Lt. Governor of Missouri? Ditto.

Wouldn’t it be to your advantage to come on out and endorse a guy who is not even a declared candidate? Show some faith — endorse Fred Thompson. Go to Draft Fred Thompson and let him know you want him to run.

As for the Romney campaign, were the election held today, I’d vote for him. But, were the election held with Fred on the ballot, well, do you really want to be on the official bandwagon of someone who’s stuck third in the polls at 8% and becomes 4th in the polls when Fred gets in? Pfffft.

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