Palestinians Celebrate Dead Jews, The Press Shrugs

“Four Israeli cadets die in truck attack,” the headline practically died as I read it in the Boston Globe. The New York Times version of the same story at least mentions “Palestinian,” but fails to mention Israelis. They don’t have the nerve to write the headline as it should be written: Palestinian Kills Jews Using Truck Because He Didn’t Have a Gun.

And the Palestinians, per usual, celebrated in the streets, handing out sweets because Jews were killed. Our own Josh Hammer summed it up nicely on Twitter.

Oh, and this is the organization President Obama and his dead-eyed mouthpiece John Kerry believes should be Israel’s partner for peace.

This isn’t new. For as long as there’s been Jewish immigration into the Holy Land, well before the State of Israel, the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal has been to eradicate the Jews. Their government, media, and entire society is indoctrinated into this cult of death.

They spread this hate onto U.S. and European college campuses. (Follow @canarymission to see the latest on-campus anti-Semitism.)

These schools are like the liberal arts classrooms that churn out “journalists” like Zack Beauchamp and his self-hating Jew sidekick Max Fisher. So we’ve got a culture of Jew hatred in the Middle East being actively supported and given international legitimacy by our president, who allowed the filthy UN to set impossible negotiating terms for Israel.

We’ve got aspiring young terrorists being given candy, and suicide bombers’ families being rewarded in the West Bank and Gaza. And we’ve got that same hatred taking root in American universities. This leads to morally reprehensible headlines that omit basic facts. Trucks don’t kill people. Jew-hating drivers do.

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