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Paul Farhi of the Washington Post Shows Just How Big the Circle of Jerks’ Bubble Is

For those of you new to this, the Circle of Jerks is the DC-NYC political press. They live in a bubble; pretend to understand America outside the DC-NYC corridor; get pissed off when someone asks the rather innocuous question of whether the members of the Circle of Jerks know people who drive pick up trucks; and feign objectivity when most, but not all, of them are secular liberals whose presuppositions and worldview are of the left. The latest example of the bubble in which the Circle of Jerks’ live comes from Paul Farhi of the Washington Post.

Mr. Farhi, the Washington Post’s media reporter, laments the addition of the Daily Signal to the White House press pool. The pool is a group of journalists who rotate around covering the President. Sometimes the whole herd of the Circle of Jerks cannot go with the President, so one goes and writes a “just the facts” report that other reports for other media outlets can then use to write their own reports.

The Daily Signal is a news outlet that originates out of the Heritage Foundation. The latter is decidedly conservative. The former is a news outlet, but its presuppositions on which it bases the news are right-of-center. Mr. Farhi of the Washington Post thinks adding the Daily Signal to the White House press pool may set a dangerous precedent because “[t]he slope could become even more slippery if extremist or racist organizations sought similar status.” Mr. Farhi seems to think the Daily Signal is just a step or so removed from extremists.

I could treat Mr. Farhi’s concerns more seriously except it appears Mr. Farhi said nothing when Salon, Huffington Post, and Talking Points Memo were all invited into the press pool. All three are decidedly leftwing and all three are absolutely agenda driven. In fact when the White House Correspondents Association, which forms the pool, defended adding these leftwing groups, its former president, Ed Chen, said the reports are all transparent and can be judged. The reports, again, are just the facts.

If Mr. Farhi cried foul about these organizations, I’ll be happy to update this piece. But back when they were added, New York Times reporters complained, but I cannot find any complaints by Mr. Farhi. He seems to have waited until a right-of-center news outlet was added.

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