Paul Manafort and Cheeto Jesus Plotted to Steal the Spotlight From Mike Pence

No one will be talking about Mike Pence’s speech tomorrow. They won’t be talking about it because Paul Manafort and Cheeto Jesus do not want Pence’s speech to be the focus. That is the only possible conclusion to why they whipped delegates to boo Ted Cruz.

Multiple press outlets are confirming what I first reported from Cruz sources. Manafort did threaten Cruz that if he did not change his speech the crowd would boo. Cruz refused and Manafort organized delegates to boo Cruz. They booed before Cruz had even finished a sentence that might have included a endorsement.

They even booed Cruz saying “God bless America.”

Had Cheeto Jesus’s campaign not done this, the press headlines would have reference Cruz’s non-endorsement, but focused on Pence’s introduction to America. Instead, the headlines tomorrow will reference Pence and focus on (1) Ted Cruz’s defiant speech and (2) the lack of Republican unity for Trump. Both stories undermine Trump’s candidacy, not Ted Cruz. Both stories undermine Mike Pence.

This is much like the Melania Trump plagiarism story. Had the campaign noted it by 7am the day after her speech, it would have been a non-story. But it was not until around 4pm two days later that a staffer came out and apologized. It kept that story alive.

This is either not a competent campaign or it is a campaign highly competent at losing. Either way, the campaign has twice during this convention taken steps to directly undermine the narrative of the convention and draw focus away from the speakers you would think they would want to highlight.

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