Paul Manafort to John Kasich: F.U.

This is the way to unite the party.

Paul Manafort is unhappy that John Kasich will not show up at the convention. Actually, Kasich would have showed up to welcome everyone, but the Trump campaign insisted on an endorsement first, which Kasich will not do.

Interestingly, Manafort says, “people who are part of the future of the Republican Party are, frankly, going to be here participating in the program.” That is demonstrably untrue.

Most all the people who came out aggressively in support of Trump are Republicans at the end of their career with nothing to lose, unless Paul Manafort is implying that the GOP is really going to become the party of old white guys and purge from its ranks the Nikki Haleys and Marco Rubios and Tim Scotts of the world.

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