Paul Nehlen: Scammers Still Trying to Scam the Disaffected

Paul Nehlen led a spectacularly disastrous campaign to beat Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin primary. The guy hired seemingly every charlatan and fundraising scammer possible within conservatism to convince people he could beat Ryan. He got the Trumpsters on talk radio to talk him up. He made it a hill to die on. And he died, metaphorically speaking of course.

They were all humiliated. Like with Trump, the clowns who beclowned themselves promised Nehlen could and would win. He did not.

So the latest get rich quick scheme is that Nehlen, rejected by the people of Wisconsin, is going to run for Speaker of the House of Representatives. That’s right. He’s going to run against Paul Ryan in a House of Representatives election wherein only the members of the House can vote.

He’ll have one or two morons support him at most, but why would conservatives support a loser like Nehlen over a man like Mark Meadows who led the effort to toss Boehner; or Jim Jordan who leads conservatives; or even Paul Ryan for that matter? The answer is that none of them would, but people who do not know how the system works will most assuredly contribute cash to his pockets effort.

Yes, it is true, his website is not asking for cash now. But wait. As the website says “action portal coming soon.

Here’s the thing — conservatives do have some grievances in the House. The people most likely to lose their House seats in two weeks are people who most likely would support Ryan. That therefore opens up the possibility of a real conservative challenge. Nehlen just makes the whole effort look like farce.

And, to be honest, I don’t think conservative votes are even there to toss Ryan, but election day might change that. Nehlen staying in makes it less and less likely.

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