PayPal Processed Payments For Weapons of Mass Destruction Tech, But Boycotts North Carolina

Oh this just gets better. PayPal is paying the federal government $7.7 million for “alleged” sanction violations.

Those alleged violations included processing payments for a man allegedly involved in the black market for nuclear-weapons technology as well as thousands of dollars’ worth of transactions involving goods and services going to and from Cuba, Sudan and Iran. In all, nearly 500 PayPal transactions, worth almost $44,000, potentially violated U.S. sanctions, according to the Treasury Department.

Under the settlement, PayPal didn’t admit or deny the allegations, though the company and Treasury said the San Jose, Calif., payments firm voluntarily disclosed the transactions to Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, which supervises the enforcement of sanctions.

PayPal also does business in countries that kill gay people and jail gay people.

But PayPal is going to boycott North Carolina because the state decided men should use the men’s restroom.

Just remember, we are supposed to use the word “allegedly”. Heh.

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