Peak Trump Hatred

I don’t like Trump. I don’t hate him, but I do not like him. Despite this, I have tried to offer up praise where it was warranted. As recently as yesterday I noted his trip to Mexico was a win. It is possible to note what he is doing right, even if I think disaster is still coming and he will never truly get his act together.

But, like Bill Kristol noted on twitter the other day, we have reached peak Trump hatred in the press. The press corps that covers the campaigns loath Trump. The reporters covering him really aren’t even trying. They think he is an idiot racist and are covering him as such.

They are doing campaign coverage and their audience a disservice. Trump is capable of doing some things right. His campaign team, even rejecting grading them on a curve, has done a few things well. The hysteria in the press is actually undermining their ability to cover Trump and to be seen as accurately covering Trump.

Conservatives often note that when everything is “racist” according to the left, it becomes really hard to identify when something actually is really racist. The message gets diluted. In the same way, the over the top, overwrought coverage of Donald Trump is starting to become white noise and the really absurd and also the not too shabby aspects of Team Trump are fading into the white noise.

To contrast what I am talking about, let me show you a really good report on the Trump campaign. Alex Isenstadt at Politico has done a really good job with this report on the campaign. He paints the poop-show we all know is happening. But he does spend time noting the areas in which the campaign has improved and in which the campaign is getting it right.

Yes, the Trump campaign is a train wreck. Yes, the campaign is rearranging deck chairs on a sinking ship. But it is still worth noting progress, shifts, and things that rise above the noise.

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