Peggy Noonan

I love the way Peggy Noonan writes — heck I love Peggy Noonan. This, as usual, is worth reading:

We ran to the bottom and toward the street. A Capitol Hill cop was yelling, “This way, this way!” Another yelled, “Run for your lives!” A Capitol Hill worker, a young heavyset woman in what I think was a cafeteria uniform, broke down in sobs. I wanted to go to her. A friend ran to her and put her arms around her and walked with her. My son and I holding hands and moving fast as we could. I thought of the scene in “Empire of the Sun”–I did not want to lose my son in the melee, and if it came to it I didn’t want him to die alone. People were running and yelling and sometimes screaming.

That’s the scene as Ronald Reagan’s body is landing in Washington, D.C.

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