House minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reacts as US President Donald J. Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC, USA, 28 February 2017. Traditionally the first address to a joint session of Congress by a newly-elected president is not referred to as a State of the Union.

Pelosi Claims The Press Were “Accomplices in the Undermining of Our Election by the Russians”

Will the craziness on the Left ever end? Not as long as Nancy Pelosi is in charge.

The House Minority Leader (D-CA) went on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, where she proceeded to tell host Jake Tapper that she believes that the media bears at least some responsibility for helping the Russians hack the 2016 presidential election.

Tapper asked Pelosi if Barack Obama had been assertive enough in pushing the narrative of a malevolent influence operation executed against 2016’s presidential election by the Russian government at the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He used an article from The New Yorker as the impetus for his line of questioning, in which the lede art depicts an inverted Kremlin-turned-evil-alien-spaceship firing an energy beam – a la “Independence Day” – into the White House against Red Scare-style and communist-alluding red background.

The New Yorker piece demonstrates that the Hillary Clinton camp lays some of the blame for their loss squarely in the Obama White House:

But what if Barack Obama had gone to the Oval Office, or the East Room of the White House, and said, ‘I’m speaking to you tonight to inform you that the United States is under attack. The Russian government at the highest levels is trying to influence our most precious asset, our democracy, and I’m not going to let it happen.’ A large majority of Americans would have sat up and taken notice. My attitude is that we don’t have the right to lay blame for the results of this election at anybody’s feet, but, to me, it is bewildering—it is baffling—it is hard to make sense of why this was not a five-alarm fire in the White House.

The Obama administration – and the whole Democrat Party in the days since – certainly should take the blame for promulgating the Russian hacking narrative. But Tapper appears to take it at face value, referring merely to “Russia’s election hacking” – either purposefully or lazily – in his questioning of Pelosi.

But check out how Pelosi holds the media partially at fault:

TAPPER: Do you think, in retrospect, that President Obama handled this the right way?

PELOSI: Well, I think that President Obama handled it as he received information of that — of the highest confidence.

I do think, with all due respect in the world for the press, that the press could have done a better job, instead of printing every e-mail that came out, and saying this comes to you from Vladimir Putin, they were, hah, hah, hah, John Podesta said this or that.

I think the press were accomplices in the undermining of our election by the Russians by not pointing out this stuff is worthless because it comes from an undermining of our election, or at least reminding the public where this — these e-mails, the leaking of these e-mails came from.

Pelosi goes on about Vladmir Putin’s “vendetta against Hillary Clinton.” It’s a shame that Tapper didn’t make even the slightest attempt to challenge Pelosi’s nutty assertions. Then again, if these nutbars are the best the Democrats have to offer, the Republicans ought to have pretty smooth sailing for at least the next few years.

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