People Are Naming Their Babies after Trump, the Country It’s Happening in Will Be a Shock to Some

The battle for Mosul continues to rage on, and is expected to for several months before final victory can be declared. While no one questions the inevitable fall of ISIS, what happens after the terrorists are dismissed from the decimated city remains in question.

Faithwire spoke to Jason Buttrill, who is currently reporting from Iraq and visited the front lines in Mosul this morning.

During his report on his analysis of the situation on the ground, Jason gave one surprising political note from his time with the Kurdish military that you probably haven’t heard from the mainstream media.

Apparently, the Kurdish Peshmerga have strong feelings about President-elect Donald Trump.

While questioning generals on the frontline, they began to openly discuss their views on the incoming administration. One general explained that they “don’t like Democrats too much” over there — mostly because they view the Obama administration as not having taken enough action to help them.

When Buttrill later asked what they thought of the incoming Trump administration, the answer went in a surprising direction.

“I asked him (the general) very point blank what he thought about Trump. He answered my question, ‘well a member of my family just had a baby and they named their newborn baby Trump.’”

Buttrill assured the general was stone faced and absolutely not making up the story. This family is apparently so effected by this war and America’s role in it, that they actually felt compelled to give their child the first name of the incoming president.

The general added he was ‘all-in’ on Trump, in large part because they see him as having similar ‘bravado’ that they do, and cannot wait for the new administration to get into power. Buttrill said the Peshmerga general seemed to have ‘a lot of confidence that things were about to change’ for the better under President Trump.


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