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People Who Want a Gun Registry Oppose a Muslim Registry

The left continues to lose its mind over Donald Trump. I remember when Barack Obama was elected and friends of mine started stockpiling ammunition and buying guns. They were convinced Obama was going to round up all the guns. The left is now engaged in the equivalent with a bunch of technology engineers in California pledging to refuse to build a muslim registry.

Now, there is no muslim registry in the works. There is no muslim registry planned. But I’m sure it makes them feel good to take a stand for something that is not going to happen and would be of dubious constitutionality if it ever were.

What is more fascinating to note is that many of these same people support a gun registry.

Opponents of a gun registry have documented cases of reporters getting access to the registry and publishing the list. They also have ample historic evidence of governments using such a list to round up the guns of law abiding citizens. Whether the left likes it or not, private gun ownership is a constitutional right and, thus, there should be no registry of the guns of private, law abiding citizens.

The very real reasons given by gun owners to oppose a registry have happened. They are all hypothetical for muslims in this country, but it is those same reasons these engineers oppose such a registry.

I oppose both because both could be abused by the government or malicious individuals. But right now, as you finish reading this, one of the people who oppose a muslim registry is trying very hard to come up with a way to rationalize opposition for it, but support for a gun registry.

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