Perhaps If The Cop Was Gay, This Would Have Gone Better

This local Georgia story is gaining viral status. In the town next door to the primary filming location for “Stranger Things,” McDonough is living up to the series, when local Walmart employees refused to decorate a cake for a police officer’s retirement party.

The story is told in a Facebook post, that’s been shared over 5,200 times as of Tuesday. The Duffer Brothers would be hard pressed to make this stuff up, folks.

So my buddy’s sister went to Walmart in McDonough, GA to have a cake made for their father’s retirement party. He’s retiring from being a police officer. She asked Walmart to make a “thin blue line” cake to commemorate his extensive and honorable service as a dedicated police officer. Walmart refused to honor her request due to it being “racist.” Three separate people in management denied her request for this reason.

When a Walmart manager called to apologize and offer the cake for free, store employees still refused to make it. So the manager did it, with predictable results: A terrible cake.

Local Atlanta TV station 11Alive reached out to Jordan Harkins, whose father is the retiring officer.

“She said she didn’t feel comfortable making that cake,” Harkins said.

Harkins said employees initially declined her request, saying the cake might offend some people. After the social media post spread, Harkins said a manager called her to apologize and make the cake.

If the officer had been gay, those employees would have been fired, and the manager sent to re-education camp. But because it’s just a regular police officer, and somehow “Blue Lives Matter” is a trigger phrase for cop-hating liberals, nothing will happen.

Perhaps it’s a good time to retire from the police department to make room for more diversity.

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