Entrepreneur Peter Thiel speaks during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Thursday, July 21, 2016. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Peter Thiel Needs Political Assignment Therapy, Or Maybe He’s Not Gay

To the gay magazine The Advocate, simply being attracted to other men and having sex with men isn’t enough to be considered gay.

Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire who made news this summer for endorsing Donald Trump at the Republican convention, is a man who has sex with other men. But is he gay?

There is now a political test that goes along with gayness. Homosexuality is more than just a physical or emotional gender preference, it’s now a political preference.

Associate professor of history at Connecticut College Jim Downs wrote a 1,330-word op-ed to redefine the meaning of “gay” to include a political element, and Thiel, who endorsed Donald Trump and forcefully spoke in his behalf at the Republican National Convention, doesn’t meet the definition.

In Downs’ world, if you don’t support what he calls “gay culture” (including liberal politics), you can’t be called gay. He uses this to deny Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was gay (we don’t know whether he was or was not, but we do know he was a radicalized Muslim), and to claim that somehow Trump and the GOP platform is “dangerous to LGBT people.”

That’s news to me. Democrats have moved beyond simple recognition of gay rights and granting of each person’s dignity despite their sexual preference into bashing Bible-believing Jews and Christians for–well–believing the Bible. In California, even if a Christian teen who experiences same-sex attraction wants to be rid of it, it’s illegal for him to seek therapy for that. Even if that teen considers himself not to be gay but experiencing unwanted urges, gays claim him as theirs.

But if Peter Thiel, an openly gay man, supports Donald Trump, he’s not gay. Perhaps California needs to pass a law requiring political assignment therapy to ensure all same-sex attracted men and women are made to believe in liberal (read: Democrat) politics. Their votes and contributions should be monitored to ensure compliance, or they have to repeat the therapy until it works.

Because we all need to be free to be what we are (except conservative gays who are no longer considered gay).

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