Peyton Manning for President

I’m voting for Peyton Manning for President of the United States in 2016. The odds are that he won’t win. But I’m voting for him.

I have held my nose repeatedly in Presidential elections. I suffered through McCain knowing he would lose and Romney knowing he would lose. I expect Trump to lose too, but I won’t hold my nose for that jackass. He is an immoral swindler and conman. At least John McCain was a war hero and Mitt Romney is a decent, moral man. Trump is none of those things. People say he must be great because he raised awesome kids. Well, I’d probably vote for the Trump kids’ nanny for President, but not their dad.

Peyton Manning is a winner. He has a terrific comeback story. He has far better grades than Trump ever had in school. He is a good and decent man of a good and decent family with a good sense of morality and strong character. He is everything we could hope for in a President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton should be buried under the jailhouse and Donald Trump should go back to being on a bag of cheetos. The American public may have decided to commit national suicide, but I refuse to go along with pulling the trigger or jumping off the cliff.

I want to vote for someone who is awesome, of strong character, and knows that America does not need to be made great again, but that America is already great and can always do better.

We cannot make America great again with either Trump or Hillary. All they know is more government. All they know is that Washington must be strong and powerful. Trump wants Washington to be great again, not America. Any man who thinks the government can create jobs and fix all our problems is a fool. But both Trump and Clinton believe that.

Peyton Manning knows how to pass the ball. He knows about team work. He knows that sometimes he has to sit the game out and let others take the field. Peyton Manning believes in America and in the value of hard work and in getting Tom Brady…errrr…the government the hell out of our way.

This November I will be writing in Peyton Manning for President of the United States and I encourage you to do the same and I will be proud of casting that vote.

America, you can do better than Trump or Clinton. You can write in Peyton Manning as well.

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