Phyllis Schlafly is interviewed by a television reporter while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, Friday, Feb. 19, 2010. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum Funds Attacks Against Pro-Life Women [UPDATED]

[UPDATED:] Several people have told me that “Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle PAC” is not actually the same as “Eagle Forum PAC.” The latter actually is supporting Ann Wagner and gave her $1000.00 on October 3rd. The “Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle PAC” was set up the day Phyllis died by Ed Martin, the then Executive Director of Eagle Forum who several members were trying to oust.

I’ve made changes below to reflect that.


I really do suspect Phyllis Schlafly would be horrified to know that Eagle Forum, the organization she founded, appears to have lined up with NARAL in Missouri to try to oust a pro-life woman in favor of a pro-abortion man. That is what the FEC data shows. Eagle PAC was set up the day Schlafly died and is spending money to oppose Republican Ann Wagner, a pro-life Republican. Wagner is being opposed by Bill Otto, a Democrat backed by NARAL. As noted in the update, Eagle Forum is backing Wagner.

The same thing is happening in Virginia where Eagle PAC is spending money to oppose Barbara Comstock. Though a more moderate Republican than I’d prefer, Comstock is a female pro-life member of Congress who came to fame as one of the Clinton family’s chief nemeses.

Comstock, whose work helped lead to Bill Clinton’s impeachment, is opposed by an Obama loving Democrat. Like in Missouri, all the abortion activists and Clintons are working overtime to defeat Comstock. But Eagle PAC is spending money opposing her too.

My only guess is that Eagle PAC is spending the money against these two pro-life Republican women because they have distanced themselves from Donald Trump. So Eagle PAC would rather hand the seats to pro-abortion Democrats who support the entirety of the Obama agenda. In the process, Eagle PAC, using Schlafly’s name, is now at odds with Schlafly’s organization.

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