Pilgram’s Progress

Even though the latest polls show him near the bottom in the Granite State, he said that he is hoping to improve that by conducting his campaign in a manner which will highlight his ideas of what he said is “a positive vision for the future of America,” rather than make attacks on the Bush administration or his fellow Democrats.

“We’re all angry at what George W. Bush has done to our country, our values, and our way of life,” Edwards said. “We all know what we’re running against. Now we need to tell the American people what kind of future we’re running toward,” said Edwards.

Here, though, is something I wouldn’t want in an article about me running for President:

“He’s a lot like Bill Bradley. He has the same principles and is smart and cares about people,” said Polidoro.

Yeah, the spectre of Bill Bradley is real helpful. Then, of course, there is this:

John Mucci said that he is a life-long Republican who decided to support Edwards “because I’m so angry at what Bush is doing to this country.”

I have a hard time believing things like this. Life-long Republican jumping to the Dems. You rarely hear that about Dems. I think the guy is playing to the choir. I know lots of life-long Republicans frustrated by administration big spending, but I don’t know one who is jumping ship to the party of even bigger spending. If the guy is jumping ship to the Democrats, he’s an idiot wrapped in a moron.