Planned Parenthood Serves Up Abortion Like Fries

Planned Parenthood Needs a Dictionary

I consider it a good general rule to not take advice on the definition of consent from murderers…


In answer to your first question, no, I have no idea what sex and fries have to do with one another.

What is clear from their tweet (and the wake of dismembered children they leave behind) is that they have no idea what the word consent means.

So I thought I’d use their own acronym to hi-light their hypocrisy

Would you like some FRIES with that hypocrisy?

Freely Given

Abortion is a money-making business for Planned Parenthood. Just like a sales agent at any store, their “counselors” have a profit motive in convincing women to kill their children. Reluctance and second guessing are fine with them, as long as they can get you to check the box. Enthusiasm be damned. They’ve got a child to kill.


Abortion by it’s very nature is irreversible. So are many of the injuries women sustain as a result of the sub-standard “medical care they are given. More and more, abortion clinics are refusing to even call 911 when patients are injured and in need of critical care. Instead, they call slower medical transport companies to cover up injuries to patients.


PPFA is well known for its coercive tactics in encouraging abortions. This year, with some of the undercover stings, it’s become more widely known that they also engage lies and misinformation in order to sell or donate body parts without parental consent.


There are few more vulnerable women than those seeking abortions. So many feel cornered and like there is no way out. These aren’t women who are enthusiastic about killing their child. They’re scared and need help. They only see one possibility. But when they go to seek advice and understand their options, they’re not given the full spectrum. Instead, they’re manipulated and pressured, all so the abortionists can make money. 


At every turn, PPFA has opposed mandatory ultra-sound laws, all while saying that women should have complete information before making a decision. There simply can be no argument for a woman having full information without seeing an ultrasound of her child.

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