Planned Parenthood Trashes the #MarchForScience

It’s almost as though Planned Parenthood is on a quest to render itself completely beyond the reach of parody. What else can explain the preposterousness of an organization like them not only lacking the sense to go into hiding on “March for Science” day, but actually tweeting from their corporate account:

We know how important science is – especially when it comes to safe, legal abortion access. #MarchForScience

Not only is the legality of abortion completely reliant upon ignoring science, but Planned Parenthood proudly touts their rejection of it.

Consider what happened at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado just a few short years ago. There in a public debate, the college outreach group of Planned Parenthood called Advocates for Choice, was confronted with the biological evidence for the obvious humanity of the unborn child.

Their spokeswoman responded by proudly proclaiming to the audience, “We are not going to try to use science or evidence — the fact of the matter is, this is, this is opinion. We all have our own opinions as far as when human life begins.”

The utter stupidity inherent in such a statement is hard to digest. Is it seriously the position of Planned Parenthood that what constitutes human life and what does not is merely a matter of personal opinion? A murderer is no longer a murderer if he or she simply declares that he or she doesn’t believe in the humanity of the victim?

This relativistic tripe makes a mockery of what is legitimately and scientifically known: that the terms “embryo” and “fetus” — just as other terms like “infant” or “adult” — don’t refer to nonhumans. They refer to humans at particular stages of development. But this blatant antipathy towards science, expressed by the Advocates for Choice, was just beginning.

Later, that same Planned Parenthood spokeswoman enlightened the audience that “[w]hat is inside a body that cannot function outside its host is not a child.” Leaving aside the galling use of the word “host” to define the relationship between a mother and her baby, this argument represents a transparent strategy of misdirection.

Viability — that is, the ability to function independently and autonomously — is an arbitrary line drawn to determine what a person can do. It does not determine what a person is. Highlighting that significant detail implodes this entire line of faulty logic.

Yet seemingly undeterred by these inconvenient facts, the anti-science activists from Planned Parenthood railed on: “We’re talking about science as if it is something that is absolutely concrete, like there is absolute proof that there is life and there is not life.”

Knowing how to respond to that ridiculousness is difficult, because it demonstrates not only a total disregard of simple biology, but also a bizarre contempt for rational thinking. Ignorance is frustrating. But taking pride in ignorance is scary.

And how can we not be frightened when considering that the same Planned Parenthood activists who went on to level further jewels of idiocy, like “science cannot be applied to my body” and “the heart doesn’t beat ’til 24 weeks” (medical science has established that the heart begins beating at three weeks), are the very ones who have crafted our national policy on abortion?

Let’s put it this way: anyone marching for science on Saturday would have been parading themselves as far away from the anti-intellectual frauds at Planned Parenthood as possible.

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