Planned Parenthood: ‘We’ve Never Said’ All Our Centers Provide Prenatal Care

Planned Parenthood is now saying that they “never said” all of their centers provide prenatal care, reports.

When asked about the Live Action video in which Planned Parenthood facilities openly admitted that their facilities did not provide prenatal care, they responded by denying that they had ever said so.

“It is safe to say that not every single one of our health centers provides prenatal care, and we’ve never said otherwise,” Mary Alice Carter, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood said.

The evidence, however, points to the contrary.

Cecile Richards, the President of the organization, stated at a 2011 political rally that “Folks depend on Planned Parenthood for prenatal care.”

Richards has also falsely claimed that PP provides mammograms, when they actually only refer women to clinics that do.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood continues to insist that their organization is being unfairly targeted.

“This is obviously part of a continued campaign to try to discredit us even though investigation after investigation found no wrongdoing in any of our health centers,” Carter said.

The Live Action video comes shortly before thousands are expected to march on Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life on Friday.

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