Donald Trump Jr. speaks at a campaign rally for his father, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, at Arizona State University Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016, in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Playing Defense At This Point Is a Bad Sign

Just two days ago, Mike Pence had to campaign in Utah. Utah should be the one state in the nation that no Republican nominee for President or Vice President needs to step in. The state has consistently voted Republican since it became a state.

If that was not a bad enough sign, both Ivanka and Tiffany Trump were in Georgia this past Wednesday to rally the Atlanta suburbs for Trump.

Today, Donald Trump, Jr. is out campaigning in Middle Georgia. Trump, Jr. is actually making his way south from metro Atlanta. He will begin in downtown Atlanta, then head to McDonough on the south side in Henry County. That county, a traditional Republican stronghold, has become more and more Democrat in the past few years as white voters moved out and black voters moved in.

But then Trump, Jr. will go down to Lamar County to Rock Springs Church. My friend Benny Tate is the pastor and always draws a hugely Republican crowd from across Georgia. But for a Republican Presidential surrogate to be there eleven days before the election is not a good sign. In fact, the last time I can think of a major Republican Presidential candidate or family member swinging through Middle Georgia was 1996 when Jack Kemp rode through Macon.

Certainly other surrogates have shown up, but none as high profile as immediate family.

That the Republicans are having to send their Vice Presidential nominee to Utah and their Presidential nominee’s kids to Georgia repeatedly is a terrible sign for them.

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