Please Democrats. Run This Ad Over and Over With a Side of Gun Control Ads.

Fifty-six percent of DEMOCRATS believe radical Islam is at war with us. Ninety-two percent of Americans say “radical Islam” is a serious threat. That includes a majority of Democrats and Republicans. Well, the geniuses at the DNC, intent on proving they are not serious about fighting terror, have launched a new ad attacking the GOP for using the phrase “radical Islam.”

The most interesting part of this is that it comes as a form of damage control to protect Hillary Clinton. Clinton, in the most recent Democratic debate, contorted herself to avoid using the phrase radical Islam. Just like the DNC has protected her by limiting debate opportunities, etc., they are now trying to protect her on defense on this issue.

But in doing so, the DNC puts itself in opposition to all but 8% of the public.

I hope they run this ad over and over and over and then follow it up with gun control ads.

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