Plumbing Update

On a rather mundane topice, I’ll give a plumbing update:

Yesterday the plumbers came to fix a toilet that was dripping into the ceiling. When they cut two big holes in the ceiling downstairs, water poured out from upstairs.

They replaced the lead pipe with PVC and the toilet was good to go.

The sheet rock guys came today and patched the hole in the ceiling. I spent a good bit of time sweeping, wiping, and mopping today. Then I discovered a whole new level of productivity by working from the couch than from my office.

So, with a 4pm meeting, I’m going to sit around here and work for a while before going to the office.

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  • Doesn’t it make you feel like a real home-owner, though? I never had that feeling until I saw water dripping down from a light fixture in the hall.