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Political Pygmies (and their political legacy)

In a barn burner of a column this morning, Howie Carr of the Boston Herald writes of the dire straits that Republican Establishment candidates are in as the Iowa caucuses loom. Fellow cellar dwellers Bush and Christie are jockeying for 5th place in Iowa, swiping at each other as Marco Rubio struggles to gain traction in a crowded lane.

With New Hampshire on the heels of Iowa, the GOP Establishment is in full scale panic as all their candidates fight Trump and Cruz in New Hampshire for first and second place (for fear of sullying the memory of it,  I might be tempted to call New Hampshire the Alamo of the Establishment. . . but I digress.).

Carr’s article comes on the heels of Josh Kraushaar’s “Republicans Learned the Wrong Lessons From 2014” posted at the National Journal. Using every dirty tactic in the book, the Washington cartel crowed that they had beaten back the unwashed in 2014. Who can forget the depths that Henry Barbour stooped to to help Thad Cochran defeat Chris McDaniel in Mississippi? Or Mitch McConnell’s lies regarding Matt Bevin in the 2014 Senate primary? There are victories and then there are Pyrrhic victories.

This is the legacy of the political pygmies who have, to this point, co-opted the the machinery of the Republican Party. Lost inside their Beltway bubble, they have gone all in with corporate interests and turned on their base. In so doing, they have lost a reason to exist. Their ideology is power and money, not advancing a free society with markets and individuals thrive.

“Give us the Republican Majority in the Senate and we will undo all the damage Obama has done!” was their rallying cry in 2014. One year in and it is apparent Mitch McConnell and his minions are more interested in advancing Obama’s agenda than defeating it.

Why is this? How can these people be so tone deaf, you ask yourself?

Poster child of the political pygmies, Josh Holmes attempts to answer these questions for you, dear reader, with his appearance on CNN. He is correctly, and rightfully, blown up by Ben Ferguson.

Other members of this pygmy tribe have left their legacy on the last few election cycles. The same team that ran the Rudy Giuliani campaign in 2008 now resides with Chris Christie. Part of the tribe utterly destroyed Scott Walker’s campaign (but fear not, they found a safe haven at the National Republican Senate Committee!). The Romney team? Remember, the ones that gave us Orca? Spread out over the Rubio and Bush campaigns. In their mad rush to make large dollars on TV ad buys and mail campaigns, these political pygmies have dismantled legitimate political infrastructure, stymied free market growth and ideas and effectively put the GOP machinery years behind the Democrats.

As their imminent demise looms, I think we conservatives have to keep two things in mind: one of our tribe needs to win the White House in 2016 and in the process of winning, we take the opportunity to create a robust party again.

A party that renews the promise that it was founded on, a party that gives America a vision of what it can become again and a party that is in fighting trim to handle battles on multiple fronts.

This is why 2016 has the potential to be transformational.

We cannot settle for second best.




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