WOW: Politico Mocks Texas’ Suffering

In the midst of the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, Politico decided to let their true feelings about Houston be known… by expressing how much they hate Texas with the following cartoon:

This isn’t at all surprising, since the liberals on the coasts refer to places like Texas as “Flyover Country” and “Jesus Land”.  This is just that sentiment in cartoon form.

Politico clearly has the idea that only government saves.  It comes through loud and clear here.  How dare those redneck “hillbillies” praying for deliverance from the rising flood waters be grateful to God and not almighty Washington D.C.!

Hatred for Conservatives, Republicans, and Trump have driven left-wing outlets like Politico insane with rage.  You can disagree with Trump without taking delight in others’ suffering.  To be so angry as to mock people losing their lives’ belongings, just because Texas votes Republican – it’s amazing to behold.

And the craziest part about this is Houston is actually a Democrat city.  Houston voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.  A lot of people across the political spectrum got destroyed by this Hurricane, not just conservatives.  Black people, White people, Hispanic people, and Asian people are all suffering.  Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals, Christians, Jews, Atheists, etc.  Hurricane Harvey didn’t discriminate, unlike Politico.

It’s a clear indication that Politico’s cartoonist, Matt Wuerker, has no clue what life outside a liberal enclave like D.C. is like.

Politico has since deleted the posting, but only because the backlash was swift and severe.  The fact they posted the cartoon in the first place tells you everything you need to know about their true opinion.

In Houston, citizens are putting differences aside and pulling together across the political and socio-economic spectrum to support one another.  Politico should try to follow their lead.

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